Coaching Solutions for Parents and Families


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Services for Parents and Families Q & A

  • Would it still be helpful to attend a retreat if I'm coming alone?

    Absolutely! The only person you can control is yourself. Empowering yourself as a parent through education and rejuvenation is crucial. When stressed, you cannot be the parent you aspire to be. Attending a Parent Retreat is a choice to prioritize yourself, enabling you to be your best for others.

  • I’ve attended workshops in the past; how will this retreat be different?

    This retreat is unique in several ways. It focuses not just on sharing information, but also includes important topics to guide your decision-making. Additionally, the retreat emphasizes and creates opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation, going beyond what a typical parent workshop offers. With my over 20 years of experience in family work, the retreats are designed to equip parents with tangible skills that can be used to foster sustainable change in their family dynamics.

  • Do you offer follow-up support for parents after attending a parent retreat?

    Yes! Post-retreat, parents often benefit from continued support as they integrate the concepts learned into their home life. Systemic Solutions Coaching provides a 6-week coaching curriculum tailored for post-retreat assistance. Additionally, we offer Family Adventures, an excellent opportunity for your entire family to familiarize themselves with the new tools and language you’re adopting.

  • Our family has specific hobbies and interests; can you incorporate these into the Family Adventure?

    Absolutely. Our aim is to create an experience where your family can learn and grow in a comfortable setting. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, visiting museums, or seeing shows, I will collaborate with you to integrate these experiences into your Family Adventure, ensuring a balanced mix of learning and leisure.

  • What should I expect if I participate in a Family Adventure?

    In the weeks leading up to your adventure, we’ll spend time to better understand you and your family. This information will guide me in crafting an experience that fosters systemic, lasting growth for your family’s unique needs and circumstances. Expect a tailored experience, combining essential skills for change with an environment conducive to practicing these skills. Adventures are designed to be informative, supportive, and enjoyable, allowing your family to have fun while being true to yourselves.

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Helping Parents and Families Thrive

Parenting with Intention Retreats

Parenting with Intention Retreats allow you to connect with others and deepen your understanding about values-based decision-making in parenting. Retreats cover a broad range of foundational parenting principles and address specific topics like adoption, ASD, and substance use. Through customized presentations, small group exercises, and experiential activities, parents gain hope, clarity, and an actionable plan to parent with confidence.


Family Adventures

Family Adventures are individually curated experiences designed to bring your family together in a way that is fun and conducive to growth. Typically ranging from three to five days, these experiences blend skill development, structured therapeutic interventions, and fun adventure activities. The experience is designed to overcome common barriers to learning new relational patterns by offering in-the-moment guidance while engaging in activities the whole family can enjoy.