Tony Issenmann, Ph.D., LMFT


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Tony Issenmann, Ph.D., LMFT

  • Experience and Passion

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my coaching approach. I'm honored you are considering my services to help you reach your goals and am confident in our potential to achieve remarkable outcomes together. 

    My clinical training, combined with over 20 years of experience as a therapist, trainer, speaker, and leadership team member, has equipped me to guide you, your family, or organization toward the positive changes you desire.

    In 2004 I earned my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Appalachian State University. Driven by a desire to delve deeper into systems theory, I immediately began my doctoral studies and, in 2008, completed my Ph.D. in Human Development, Marriage and Family Therapy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Since 2008, I have held an independent license in Marriage and Family Therapy; I am currently licensed in both North Carolina (MFT #1999) and Georgia (#001125).
Family at baseball game
  • Defining Success

    My experience as a therapist and executive leadership team member has shown me that many people seek immediate relief from emotional, relational, or organizational distress, rather than aiming for systemic, sustainable solutions. The focus is often on solving problems in ways that alleviate symptoms instead of addressing the structure of the relationship or organization. Trained in systems theory, I encourage the pursuit of second-order change. Unlike first-order change, which only temporarily eases discomfort, second-order change promotes long-term, sustainable success. 

    Change can be challenging and complex! It is my hope to infuse both fun and clarity as we work together to achieve your goals. Our process begins with a consultation to clearly understand your experience. It is imperative that I understand your challenges and your objectives. From there, I will develop a proposed plan of action with recommended interventions to achieve systemic change. Together, we will embark on this plan, monitoring and adapting as we progress, based on your feedback.
Dr. Tony Issenmann - running
  • Living My Values

    At home I strive to put the lessons and tools I teach into practice. As an ultrarunner, long-distance running has not only helped me develop a heightened sense of resilience, but it also grounds me in a way that continually brings my values to the forefront of my mind. This practice helps me be the husband, father, friend, and business owner I wish to be.

    My family and I work to create an environment safe for making mistakes while we explore, learn, and grow. My wife of over 20 years is a constant source of love and encouragement, and our son is a continual source of joy. As a family, we enjoy camping, cooking, playing sports, visiting amusement parks, and hosting spirited game nights.

"Tony was amazing. We’ve been in a lot of parenting seminars and often we get vague responses to direct questions. It leaves everything at the philosophical level. He was able to bridge theory to real life. First time I walked away being comfortable putting what I’ve learned into action. "
Roger S., Parent Retreat Attendee



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